Baseball History for March 17th

<— MARCH 16     MARCH 18 —>


1842 Reinder Albertus “Rynie” Wolters
1857 Larry Murphy
1860 Fred Pfeffer
1863 Art Hagan
1867 Ernie Beam
1869 George Hogriever
1873 Bill Gannon
1876 Daff Gammons
1881 Jim Fairbank
1883 Oscar Stanage
1885 Paddy Mayes

Born Adair Bushyhead Mayes…

1885 Bunny Pearce
1888 Ed Klepfer
1894 Ralph Shafer
1895 Lyman Lamb
1899 Charlie Root
1906 Hy Vandenberg
1912 Whitey Ock
1917 Hank Sauer
1919 Pete Reiser
1923 Pat Seerey
1944 Cito Gaston
1952 Jerry Tabb
1956 Rod Scurry
1956 Tim Lollar
1956 Rick Lisi
1959 Danny Ainge
1965 John Smiley
1968 Pat Gomez
1968 Dan Masteller
1969 Scott Brow
1971 Bill Mueller
1973 Raul Chavez
1973 Vance Wilson
1976 Scott Downs
1977 Robb Quinlan
1982 A. J. Murray
1985 Cesar Valdez
1986 Chris Davis
1989 Juan Lagares
1990 Jean Segura
1990 Andrew Kittredge
1993 Rhys Hoskins


1872 Elmer White
1923 Mortimer Hogan
1931 Tom Gunning
1936 Grant Thatcher
1937 Billy Murray
1939 William Burke
1944 Rube Kroh
1948 Ike Butler
1958 Bob Blewett
1959 Howard Ehmke
1960 Bob Thorpe
1962 Billy Purtell
1969 Jim Mains
1980 Bob Hooper
1981 Joe Giebel
1981 Paul Dean
1985 Ike Pearson
1993 Joe Abreu
1995 Jimmy Uchrinscko
1998 Milo Candini
2002 Lefty Bertrand
2009 Whitey Lockman
2010 Van Fletcher


2005 Congress’s Committee on Government Reform holds an eleven hour (and change) hearing regarding steroids in baseball. Among those speaking were Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, and Jose Canseco.


1901 Worcester (EL) sends Malachi Kittridge to Boston (NL) for Jack Clements.

Kittridge hadn’t played in the majors since the 1899 Senators (which had been eliminated after the season mercifully ended). Mid 1903, he was moved to Washington (again) in the AL. Must have been a reasonably skilled backstop to have appeared in nearly 1200 games behind the plate. He wasn’t much of a hitter…

1969 Atlanta sends Joe Torre to St. Louis for Orlando Cepeda.

1992 Minnesota trades Denny Neagle and Midre Cummings to Pittsburgh for (birthday boy) John Smiley.

2001 San Francisco signs free agent Benito Santiago.

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