Baseball History for March 11th

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1854 Mike Lawlor
1869 Harry Colliflower
1870 Herm McFarland
1873 Fred Frank
1874 John Hillary (Cy) Swaim
1877 Norwood Gibson
1878 Bill Pounds
1879 Joe Stewart
1885 Joe Dunn
1886 Fred Link
1900 Rusty Pence
1903 Art Ruble
1903 Buster Ross
1905 Joe Mellana
1906 Bill Lawrence
1912 Del Young
1918 Ed Fernandes
1930 Bobby Winkles
1933 Jack Spring
1945 Dock Ellis
1948 Cesar Geronimo
1955 Larry Landreth
1958 Larry Ray
1959 Phil Bradley
1959 Chuck Hensley
1961 Bryan Oelkers
1965 Steve Reed
1967 Dwayne Hosey
1968 Gar Finnvold
1970 Pedro Castellano
1971 Rod Henderson
1971 Sang-Hoon Lee
1972 Salomon Torres
1974 Bobby Abreu
1976 Nate Teut
1978 Kevin Reese
1980 Rich Hill
1980 Dan Uggla

A few years ago my son, Casey, and I went to a minor league game in Jupiter. Before we had even sat in our seats, Casey got two foul balls that happened to have been hit over the wall and landed near us as we were buying the tickets. Anyway – after the game I asked him if he would let me have one of them, and he happily gave it to me. So I grabbed a pen and asked if he’d sign the ball for me. He thought about it for a second and said, “I guess so, dad. But I don’t know how to spell Dan Uggla.”

1980 Chris Burke
1982 Brian Anderson
1984 Frank Mata
1986 Jeremy Hefner
1988 Vince Belnome
1988 Pedro Baez
1990 Ryan Rua
1993 Matt Festa
1997 Carlos Hernandez
1999 Sherten Apostel


1892 Cinders O’Brien
1893 Clarence Dow
1920 Ed Poole
1922 Joe Gerhardt
1930 Bob Barr
1935 George Rooks
1941 Pi Schwert
1944 Bill Duzen

The one time Players League pitcher for Buffalo and long time Buffalo policeman died in the town of his birth, Buffalo…

1945 Sam Mertes
1946 Ed McDonald
1949 Eric McNair
1950 William Gallagher
1952 Pete Daglia
1953 Jock Menefee
1953 Fred Toney
1954 Bill Bradley
1959 Dinty Gearin
1963 Joe Judge
1963 Farmer Ray
1970 Bill Kirksieck
1971 Clyde Barfoot
1972 Zack Wheat
1973 Pete Schmidt
1975 Lefty Clarke
1976 Larry Gardner
1980 Stan Klopp
1981 Vince Gonzales
1987 Bots Nekola
1987 Fred Lucas
1988 Art Daney
1990 Roy Schalk
1995 Don Manno
2002 Al Cowens
2003 Alta Cohen
2012 Hub Andrews
2020 Jarrod Patterson
2020 Ted Cox


1901 John McGraw signs Charlie Grant, an African American infielder, and tries to pass him off as a Native American. And it might have worked if it weren’t for those meddling kids. (Actually, Charles Comiskey called him out on it.)


1893 New York acquires Roger Connor from Philadelphia for Jack Boyle and Jack Sharrott.

2019 Arizona signs free agent outfielder Adam Jones.

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