Baseball History for February 23rd

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1865 Barney Dreyfuss

Took over the Louisville Colonels in the late 1890s, leveraged a purchase of the Pittsburgh Pirates and then merged the talent on both teams to create one of the great teams of the first two decades of the NL.

1868 Lew Camp

Born Robert Plantegenet Llewellan Camp

1874 Billy Lauder
1877 Rudy Hulswitt
1877 Grant Thatcher
1887 Lou Lowdermilk
1890 John Black
1890 Lee Gooch
1893 Jim O’Neill
1894 Jose Rodriguez (El Hombre Goma)
1895 Gus Sandberg
1903 Roy Johnson
1905 Les Barnhart
1908 Bob Boken
1908 Ray Brown
1914 Mike Tresh
1914 Lynn Myers
1916 Eddie “Truck” Kearse
1918 Jim Carlin
1918 Hills Layne
1924 Phil Haugstad
1929 Elston Howard

Hero of many Yankee teams, and then joined the 1967 Red Sox when they needed him. I wish I could have seen him play as I am certain I would have been a fan of his.

1932 Jim Bolger
1941 Gordy Lund
1941 Ron Hunt

How many of this group hit the guy with a pitch?

1944 Don Shaw
1946 Ken Boswell
1953 Fred Kuhaulua
1957 Jim Anderson
1958 John Shelby
1958 Juan Agosto
1959 Eddie Vargas
1961 John Morris
1961 Mike Smith
1963 Bobby Bonilla

Long since retired, but still collecting a check from the Mets. A professional hitter everywhere and for twenty years.

1969 Frank Charles
1972 Rondell White

Came up with the Expos – I loved the Expo teams of that era, and White was one of my favorites.

1973 Jason Boyd
1975 Dave Maurer
1976 Scott Elarton
1978 Luke Prokopec
1979 Chris Aguila
1983 Edgar Gonzalez
1989 Wilin Rosario
1990 Jaff Decker
1994 Joe McCarthy


1900 Nate Berkenstock
1914 Nat Jewett
1922 Pickles Dillhoefer
1926 Hi Church
1928 Jack Ridgway
1947 George Brickley
1955 Bill Tozer
1956 Pete Loos
1961 Davey Crockett
1968 Hank Schreiber
1969 Bubbles Hargrave
1969 Bill Swift
1981 Myrl Brown
1988 Pete Donohue
1993 Joe Hutcheson
1996 Gordon Goldsberry
1998 Ray Stoviak
2009 Joe Tepsic
2015 Jim King
2020 Ramon Conde


1960 Using a wrecking ball painted to look like a baseball, the demolition of Ebbets Field begins.


1939 The Reds, only recently having acquired him, returned Woody English to the Dodgers, who sold him to the Cubs. English was done, though, and out of the majors for good.

1942 Atlanta sold Willard Marshall to the New York Giants.

1954 Yankee sell three-time 20 game winner Vic Raschi to St. Louis for $85,000. Raschi, after six solid seasons in NYC, started to show wear and would be done three years later.

1967 Yankees sign non-drafted free agent, Cesar Geronimo. Geronimo would become more famous in Cincinnati…

1977 The Tigers made their first free agent signing – Tito Fuentes

1979 Cubs clean house – Manny Trillo, Dave Rader, and Greg Gross are traded to Philadelphia for Barry Foote, Ted Sizemore, Jerry Martin, Derek Bohelho, and minor leaguer Henry Mack.

Martin had killed the Cubs every time we saw him in the previous couple of seasons and was a fourth outfielder looking for regular play. Trillo was a pretty good second baseman, Gross could pinch hit and was fine as a fourth outfielder. The rest were just details.

1981 Pittsburgh signs the ancient Luis Tiant as a free agent. He mad nine starts, but went 2 – 5… It was his only season as an NL pitcher.

2007 Texas signs free agent Sammy Sosa, who would push his homer total over the 600 mark before calling it done.


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