Baseball History for February 14th

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1852 Al Nichols

Member of the 1875 Brooklyn entry in the National Association, then New York and Louisville in the NL before getting banned from baseball because he was throwing games and tipping gamblers… Had a great fielding reputation at third base but wasn’t much of a hitter. Batting averages in three seasons: .153 in 32 games, .179 in 57 games, .211 in six games.

Nichols was born in England as Alfred Williams and came here with just his mother – so he went back and forth between using Williams and Nichols as last names. He actually started throwing games while with Pittsburgh in the minors. According to Major League Baseball Profiles, Nichols was caught because Louisville management couldn’t figure out why a backup was sending and receiving so many telegrams…

Nemec, David (editor). Major League Baseball Profiles (Volume 2), Page 284.

1855 Joe Gerhardt

Played with Washington in the National Association at 18, looked like he might be a better hitter early in his career but in bouncing around the leagues until 1891, he didn’t seem to hit much after 1883. He hung around, though, because he was the best fielding second baseman of his era and he was given the gift of charm – fans, players, and sportswriters loved the guy.

1855 Lou Sylvester

According to his profile, he was a watchmaker and outfielder – probably better making watches – but played in a variety of semiprofessional leagues. As he moved east, he snuck onto a few teams as a backup pitcher or outfielder, but didn’t stick.

1858 Arthur Irwin

A very good shortstop as a young professional, a broken leg sapped him of his range. Stayed in the league, though, eventually becoming a manager in the majors and minors into the 1920s.

Died, allegedly, under mysterious circumstances on a boat headed to Boston. Apparently he had two families.

1860 Jim Tray
1864 Pretzels Getzien
1867 Morgan Murphy
1869 Ace Stewart
1870 Candy LaChance
1873 Harry Jordan
1878 Bill Kay
1879 Tim Jordan
1880 Claude Berry
1880 Harry Eells
1884 Jack Lewis
1885 Abe Kruger
1886 Bill McCarthy
1890 Mike Hechinger
1897 Earl Smith
1903 Uel Eubanks
1908 Oscar Judd
1910 Alex Sabo
1911 Bill Marshall
1915 Red Barrett
1917 Augie Bergamo
1918 Benny Zientara
1925 Buddy Lively
1931 Joe Caffie
1933 Tom Borland
1940 Len Gabrielson
1943 Darrell Osteen
1945 Bob Terlecki
1949 Larry Fritz
1951 Larry Milbourne
1952 Will McEnaney
1956 Dave Dravecky
1957 Jaime Cocanower
1959 Alejandro Sanchez
1963 John Marzano
1964 Bill McGuire
1964 Keith Brown
1968 Scott Scudder
1970 Takashi Saito
1970 Kelly Stinnett
1973 Daniel Garibay
1975 Damaso Marte
1981 Brad Halsey
1983 Callix Crabbe
1985 Tyler Clippard
1988 Paul Clemens
1989 Derek Norris
1989 Juan Graterol
1993 Nick Pivetta
1993 Yermin Mercedes
1995 Abiatal Avelino


1875 Charlie Hodes
1890 Ed Greer
1906 Yale Murphy
1920 Andy Sullivan
1921 Jumbo Davis
1926 Gil Whitehouse
1930 Pete Kilduff
1945 Jim Curtiss
1946 Woody Wagenhorst
1948 Mordecai Brown
1951 Harry Thompson
1956 Bill Bishop
1959 Eddie Higgins
1966 Jack Coffey
1966 Bill Stumpf
1967 Jimmy Johnston
1968 Bill Lelivelt
1973 Paul Johnson
1976 Eusebio Gonzalez
1984 Loren Babe
2008 Hal Erickson
2014 Jim Fregosi
2019 Tommy Giordano
2019 Rocky Krsnich


1996 Kevin McClatchy and an investor group purchase the Pittsburgh Pirates.


1887 Boston purchases King Kelly from Chicago for $10,000.

1992 Florida signs amateur free agent infielder Edgar Renteria.

2007 Boston signs free agent outfielder J. D. Drew.

2011 The Yankees sign free agent outfielder Andruw Jones.

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