Baseball History for January 25th

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1863 Danny Richardson
1876 Fred Glade
1886 Yip Owens
1889 Les Nunamaker
1890 Henry Benn
1890 Phil Redding
1891 George Lyons
1893 Abe Bowman
1894 Charlie Whitehouse
1896 Ray Schmandt
1907 Jimmy Adair
1907 Roy Sherid
1916 Glenn Gardner
1917 Carl McNabb
1918 Steve Roser
1918 Ed Head
1933 Mel Roach
1934 Ted Kazanski

Long time Phillies fans will remember this guy…  6′ 1″ and 175 as a 16-year old shortstop, he was scouted by everyone; allegedly 13 of the 16 teams wanted him out of Hamtramck High School, but the Phillies were going to be the high bidder (making sure his local team, Detroit, didn’t get him) and descended upon his house at midnight after Kazinski graduated from high school and offered up $125,000 (paid over five years), which was an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse.

By 19, Kazanski was playing shortstop with the Phillies.  He showed a little pop and had a good year with Baltimore in the IL and so he was called to the big leagues.  And flopped.  He wasn’t as fast as people thought – almost every action photo I found in old newspapers have him being thrown out at some base.  He was a little error prone, not as much at shortstop but when they played him at second base.  And he couldn’t hit – a .217 lifetime average with little power.  He was done by the age of 24 in the big leagues, hung around the minors for a little while and gave it up to sell insurance (and worked in a firm that was owned by former boxer Chuck Davey).

1936 Harold William (Buddy) Pritchard
1942 Ernie Fazio
1943 Brian McCall
1944 Gary Holman
1945 Wally Bunker
1948 Ed Goodson
1951 Balor Moore
1951 Vern Ruhle
1953 Alvin Earl (Junior) Moore
1956 Dale Mohorcic
1957 John Flannery
1962 Juan Castillo
1964 Francisco Melendez
1965 Brian Holman
1966 Richie Lewis
1971 Kerry Taylor
1972 Jose Macias
1973 Terrell Wade
1974 Dan Serafini
1978 Derrick Turnbow
1979 Philip Barzilla
1980 Phil Stockman
1981 Anderson Machado
1984 Tyler Graham
1985 Shane Lindsay


1887 Bill Allison
1923 Nick Wise
1925 John Day
1925 Cy Bowen
1930 Spencer Heath
1939 Abner Dalrymple
1941 Chris Lindsay
1955 Harry Barton
1960 Palmer Hildebrand
1965 Charlie Fitzberger
1967 George Gibson
1970 Harvey Grubb
1991 Hoot Evers
1994 Pat Crawford
1996 Chuck Coles
1996 Mike Clark
2003 Toby Atwell
2009 Ed Lyons
2014 Bruce Barmes
2015 Bill Monbouquette
2016 Ron Stillwell
2018 Glen Clark
2021 Dick Smith


1945 The estate of Jacob Ruppert sells the Yankees to Dan Topping, Del Webb, and Larry MacPhail for $2.8 million. MacPhail is only part of the club for two years, after which he is bought out by the other two owners.

1966 Tony Kubek retires after doctors explain how he might do further damage to vertebrae he injured as a kid.


1961 Cincinnati sends Joe Nuxhall to the Kansas City Athletics for John Briggs and John Tsitouris.

1978 San Diego acquires Gaylord Perry from Texas for the low price of Dave Tomlin and $125,000.

1983 The White Sox send Steve Trout and Warren Brusstar to the Cubs for Scott Fletcher, Dick Tidrow, Pat Tabler, and Randy Martz.

2011 Texas sends Frank Francisco to Toronto for Mike Napoli.

2018 Miami sends Christian Yelich to the Brewers for Lewis Brinson, Jordan Yamamoto, Monte Harrison, and Isan Diaz. (I live in Florida. Happy for Yelich, but boy I hated that trade…)

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