Baseball History for January 22nd

<— JANUARY 21     JANUARY 23 —>


1863 Charlie Hallstrom
1864 Irv Ray
1874 Jim Hughes
1876 Warren McLaughlin
1880 Bill O’Neill
1881 Ira Thomas
1889 Amos Strunk
1892 John Mercer
1896 Frank Fahey
1904 John Milligan
1907 Ivey Shiver
1910 Henry Kawaihoa (Prince) Oana
1917 Eugene Frances Joseph (Huck) Geary
1919 Diomedes Olivo
1925 Johnny Bucha
1925 Bobby Young
1929 Jack Littrell
1941 Dave Leonhard
1945 Jophery Brown
1948 Fred Cambria
1949 Mike Caldwell
1951 Leon Roberts
1952 Ramon Aviles
1957 Brian Dayett
1963 Jeff Treadway
1963 Javier Ortiz
1964 Wayne Kirby
1967 Kevin Higgins
1969 Keith Gordon
1976 Jimmy Anderson
1977 Aaron Rakers
1978 Chone Figgins
1979 Carlos Ruiz
1983 Jose Valdez
1984 Ubaldo Jimenez
1985 Scott Cousins
1988 Josh Spence
1990 Mike Hauschild
1990 Jon Berti
1993 Ramon Torres
1994 Tyrone Taylor


1896 George Heubel
1910 Sam Wise
1922 Orator Shafer
1923 Fred Cooke
1932 Eddie Hogan
1955 Bob Wicker
1956 Ralph Mitterling
1957 Petie Behan
1959 Ken Williams
1962 Lefty Russell
1966 Joel Newkirk
1973 Al Halt
1982 Les Willis
1989 Willie Wells
1994 Rudy Miller
1996 Dick Rand
1997 George Dockins
2001 Tommie Agee
2005 Cesar Gutierrez
2008 Lance Clemons
2009 Billy Werber
2015 Don Bryant
2017 Andy Marte
2017 Yordano Ventura

Marte and Ventura both died in separate car accidents in the Dominican Republic.


1913 The Yankees sign a lease and agree to play their home games at the Polo Grounds, the home of the Giants. After Babe Ruth’s arrival, John McGraw will get tired of the Yankees having a better attendance and kick them out.

1988 Abritrator T. Roberts, consistent with finding major league baseball owners colluding to hold down salaries, declares seven currently contracted players free agents and gives them six weeks to sign new deals. Among the players were Kirk Gibson, Carlton Fisk, Joe Niekro, Juan Beniquez, Tom Brookens, Donnie Moore, and Butch Wynegar.


1888 Kansas City purchases the remnants of the Brooklyn Bridegrooms – nine players – for $7,000.

1918 The Yankees send Urban Shocker, Fritz Maisel, Les Nunamaker, Nick Cullop, and Joe Gedeon (and cash) to the St. Louis Browns for Eddie Plank and Del Pratt.

1969 Montreal traded Jesus Alou and Donn Clendenon to the Astros for Rusty Staub. Clendenon wasn’t a big fan of the Astros manager, Harry Walker, so he chose not to report to the new team. So, the Expos sent Jack Billingham and Skip Quinn to the Astros on April 8th to seal the deal. Clendenon was eventually traded to the Mets for the 1969 season.

1975 The Mets signed amateur free agent pitcher Juan Berenguer.

1982 California signs free agent slugger Reggie Jackson to a four-year deal.

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