Baseball History for January 20th

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1845 Everett Mills
1873 Frank Cross
1875 Harry Barton
1875 Ernie Courtney
1875 C. I. Taylor
1886 Bill Schardt
1887 Bill Zimmerman
1887 Bill James

This is Big Bill James, the journeyman pitcher who played a role in the Black Sox scandal, but instead of being the ninth man out he was banished to the minors…

1891 Earl Smith
1893 Clifford Joseph (Red) Hill
1893 Al Gould
1904 Denny Sothern
1905 Ike Danning
1906 Charlie Craig
1907 Bob Adams
1907 Herm Holshouser
1907 Jesse Hill
1910 Frank Makosky
1913 Jimmy Outlaw
1917 Joe Dobson
1920 Sam Hairston
1929 Gale Wade
1933 Gene Stephens
1934 Camilo Pascual
1936 Jesse Gonder
1944 Carl Taylor
1945 Dave Boswell
1958 Bill Scherrer
1963 Cecil Espy
1964 Ozzie Guillen
1965 Brad Brink
1965 Kevin Maas
1968 Ramon Manon
1971 Marvin Benard
1971 Brian Giles
1972 Tim Kubinski
1972 Matt Beech
1973 Julio Santana
1975 David Eckstein
1978 John Rodriguez
1978 Chris Mears
1980 Franklyn German
1980 Luis Martinez
1981 Freddy Guzman
1981 John Baker
1983 Matt Albers
1983 Geovany Soto
1985 Luis Perez
1985 Fabio Castro
1986 David Lough
1987 Luis Exposito
1989 Travus Taijeron
1994 Ricardo Pinto
1997 Ali Sanchez


1914 Pat Lyons
1916 Dick McBride
1916 Emmet Heidrick
1930 Jumbo Schoeneck
1938 Herb Goodall
1940 Wally Andrews
1941 Jack Lelivelt
1947 Josh Gibson

Gibson had a stroke while in a movie theatre. He was taken to his mother’s house where he passed away a few hours later.

1952 Ollie Pickering
1954 Bunny Madden
1960 Gibby Brack
1963 Jimmy Wiggs
1965 Nick Altrock
1974 George Hockette
1974 Homer Hillebrand
1978 George Ellison
1980 Waddy MacPhee
1987 Hank Behrman
1994 Paul Dixon
1995 Mark Filley
1997 Curt Flood

Throat cancer claimed the man who challenged the reserve clause.

2000 Ron Herbel
2004 Lloyd Merriman
2007 Vern Ruhle
2011 Gus Zernial
2011 Jose Ortiz
2014 Vern Benson
2018 Moose Stubing
2018 Bill Johnson
2020 Jay Hankins
2021 Mike Sadek


1871 The Boston Red Stockings of the National Association were incorporated with a value of about $15,000. Harry Wright, who founded the 1869 Cincinnati Reds lent a huge hand.


1934 Boston signed free agent pitcher Herb Pennock.

1965 Three team trade!!! Chicago sends Cam Carreon to the Indians, then sends Jim Landis and Mike Hershberger (and later Fred Talbot) to the Kansas City Athletics. Cleveland sent Tommie Agee, Tommy John, and John Romano to the White Sox. Kansas City sends Rocky Colovito back to Cleveland (which didn’t end the curse).

1977 New York sends Elliott Maddox and Rick Bladt to the Orioles for Paul Blair.

1983 As a free agent compensation pick, Seattle takes Danny Tartabull from the Reds.

1984 As a free agent compensation pick, the White Sox takes Tom Seaver from the Mets.v


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