Baseball History for September 8th

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1854 Russ McKelvy
1858 Fred Carl
1872 George Frederick (Deke) White
1875 Eli Ethelbert (Rosie) Rosebraugh
1884 Al Demaree
1886 Ray Rolling
1887 Bert Sincock
1888 Joe Giannini
1890 Charles Preston (Press) Cruthers
1891 Verne Clemons
1896 Val Picinich
1896 Johnny Schulte
1899 George Gilham
1902 Ernie Orsatti
1905 Ed Grimes
1906 Frank Stewart
1907 Walter Fenner (Buck) Leonard
1913 Clydell (Slick) Castleman
1915 Len Gabrielson
1916 Jim Bagby
1916 Tom Turner
1926 Lou Sleater
1932 Kendall Cole (Casey) Wise
1938 George Werley
1942 Steve Hargan
1945 Ossie Blanco
1946 Ken Forsch
1951 Steve Barr
1952 Larry McCall
1954 Jim Smith
1954 Don Aase
1959 Glen Cook
1962 Al Pardo
1966 Mike Dyer
1973 Bob Wolcott
1976 Mike Rivera
1977 Pasqual Coco
1978 Gil Meche
1982 Geno Espineli
1983 Nick Hundley
1984 Rob Delaney
1984 Bobby Parnell
1986 Logan Schafer
1988 Chance Ruffin
1988 Alex Sanabia
1990 Gerrit Cole
1992 Dan Altavilla
1993 Nick Williams
1998 Leody Taveras


1902 George Prentiss
1919 John Kerins
1936 Bill Yerrick
1941 Joe Boehling
1947 Ralph Pond
1948 Bill Byers
1952 Ed Hearne
1955 Dode Criss
1959 Roy Mitchell
1963 Johnnie Williams
1963 Bill Knickerbocker
1964 Buck Redfern
1968 Bill Kalfass
1977 Oral Hildebrand
1979 Rick Joseph
1990 Joe Gleason
1991 Clem Koshorek
1991 Lou Rosenberg
1993 Earl Mattingly
2011 Jesse Jefferson
2012 Bob Hale
2014 George Zuverink
2015 Joaquin Andujar


1940 Joe Gordon hits for the cycle as the Yankees topped the Red Sox, 9 – 4.

1951 Bob Rush intentionally walks six in 14 innings of work. Cincinnati won in 18 innings, 7 to 6.

1965 Bert Campaneris plays all nine positions in a game against the Angels.

1985 Pete Rose gets a pair of hits off the Cubs to tie Ty Cobb’s career hit record.  (When they fixed the statistics of Ty Cobb, who had been granted two extra hits by double-counting a two hit game in 1910 to win a batting title nearly stolen by Nap Lajoie, we learned that Rose had set the record by getting a single off of Reggie Patterson in the first inning.)

1993 Darryl Kile blanks the Mets, 7 – 1, without allowing a hit as Houston topped New York. Jeff McKnight reached on a walk, got to third on an error, and scored on a wild pitch.

1998 Mark McGwire roped a Steve Trachsel fastball over the left field wall at Wrigley field for his record setting 62nd homer of the year.


1953 Chicago signs free agent Ernie Banks.

1969 Atlanta sent Mickey Rivers and Clint Compton to the Angels for Hoyt Wilhelm and
Bob Priddy.

1995 Detroit sent Juan Samuel to Kansas City for Phil Hiatt (named later).

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