Baseball History for August 24th

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Answers to the following trivia questions can be found below:

1) Who served up Joe DiMaggio’s first career homer?

2) Who was the third player involved in the Bouton for Womack trade made famous in the book Ball Four?

3) Name the pitcher who would finish a game in which he was struck by lightning?


1859 George Noftsker
1863 Charlie Hall
1864 Lou Hardie
1864 Belden Hill
1876 Frank Quinn
1876 John Brown
1881 Billy Kelsey
1883 Bill Moriarty
1887 Harry Hooper
1887 Jimmy Walsh
1889 Jewel Ens
1889 Hank Gowdy

A life so interesting that this catcher and two-time war hero needed TWO people (Carol McMains and Frank Ceresi) to write his bio for SABR.

1890 Ralph Mattis
1893 Paul “Shorty” Des Jardien

Shorty was 6-4, of course, was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1955, was coached in college by Amos Alonzo Stagg and played professionally with a wide receiver named George Halas… He pitched for Cleveland, but only briefly. He also participated in track and field, played professional basketball (low level stuff), and spent time as a prison guard in World War One.

A fascinating biography was penned by Chris Rainey for SABR.

1894 Jimmy Cooney
1895 Les Howe
1896 DeWitt “Bevo” LeBourveau
1897 Al Bool
1897 John Monroe
1897 Frank Pratt
1902 Jimmy Hudgens
1902 Jack Blott
1907 Beryl Richmond
1912 Frank Secory
1914 George Turbeville

See 1935 Note below… He gave up Joe DiMaggio’s first career homer in 1936.

1915 Chubby Dean
1916 Luis Suarez
1928 Hal Griggs
1932 Hal Woodeshick
1939 Rick Joseph
1953 Luis Sanchez
1954 Chris Batton
1956 Tony Bernazard
1956 Neil Fiala
1957 Butch Benton
1960 Cal Ripken
1964 Kip Gross
1965 Webster Garrison
1966 Dean Wilkins
1968 Tim Salmon
1970 B. J. Waszgis
1971 Everett Stull
1972 Chris Prieto
1972 Mike Grzanich
1972 Kurt Miller
1973 Arquimedez Pozo
1974 Jeff Kubenka
1974 Bartolome Fortunato
1980 Kevin Correia
1981 Omar Beltre
1983 Brett Gardner
1983 Alan Johnson
1985 Christian Garcia
1985 Anthony Ortega
1986 Nick Adenhart
1991 Enrique Hernandez
1991 Luke Jackson
1994 Jamie Callahan


1900 John Puhl
1917 Al McCauley
1921 Emil Gross
1935 George Keefe
1940 Ed Hallinan
1955 John Raleigh
1956 Art Fromme
1963 Ren Kelly
1966 Wheezer Dell
1971 Mitch Chetkovich
1974 Jake Miller
1977 Leo Cristante
1980 Herman Fink
1984 Roy Easterwood
1986 George Diehl
1990 Mickey Witek
1991 Tony Martinez
2001 Hank Sauer
2006 Gene Thompson
2011 Mike Flanagan
2016 Juan Bell
2016 Neil Berry
2019 Tex Clevenger


1919 Ray Caldwell is bringing the thunder.

With two outs in the ninth, pitcher Ray “Slim” Caldwell is struck by lightning and knocked over. Thankfully, he didn’t die. Rather, he got back up and got Joe Dugan out to finish the complete game, 2 – 1 win.

Steve Steinberg gave us his SABR Bio.

1935 George Turbeville goes the distance, 14.2 innings, in a loss to the Indians – Earl Averill homers with two outs and a runner on to win, 2 – 0. What stands out, other than his pitching nearly 15 full innings, is that Turbeville walks 13 batters (!). He faced 56 batters that day – so what’s that – 225 pitches???

1974 Davey Lopes gets five stolen bases in a game against the Cardinals.

1975 Ed Halicki tosses a no-hitter, striking out ten and walking two, to beat the Mets, 2 – 0.

2012 Adrian Beltre hits for the cycle.


1884 Chicago purchases John Clarkson from Saginaw of the Northwestern League. A year later, Clarkson would win 53 games and throw 68 complete games.

1905 Detroit signs an outfielder from Augusta of the SALLY League. You might have heard of him… Ty Cobb.

1912 Chicago sends Lena Blackburne, Bruno Block, cash, and two other players to Milwaukee for catcher Ray Schalk.

1947 Los Angeles signs Dan Bankhead from Memphis of the Negro Leagues.

1959 Milwaukee signs amateur free agent Joe Torre.

1965 Milwaukee drafts Earl Williams in the first round of the 1965 amateur draft (August Legion Draft).

1969 A trade made more famous because it’s mentioned in his book, Ball Four, Houston trades Dooley Womack and Roric Harrison to Seattle for Womack’s former teammate, Jim Bouton.

1989 After clearing waivers, Atlanta trades Paul Assenmacher to the Cubs for two players to be named later (Kelly Mann, Pat Gomez). This is another name I can hear only in the mellifluous voice of Harry Caray.

2006 Seattle sends Shin-Soo Choo and a player to be named later (Shawn Nottingham) to Cleveland for Ben Broussard and cash.

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