Baseball History for August 22nd

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1852 Martin Mullen
1857 Ned Hanlon
1858 Jim Cudworth
1859 Buck Becannon
1862 Ed Yewell
1873 Ike Butler
1878 Jack McAleese
1880 Chick Hartley
1881 Howie Camnitz
1881 Harry Swacina
1882 Al Carson
1888 Al Bashang
1889 Wally Schang
1891 Happy Felsch
1893 Lyle Bigbee
1893 Oscar Fuhr
1897 Bob Clark
1899 Dud Lee
1907 Wally Hebert
1909 Bob Keely
1911 Herman Fink
1916 Frankie Kelleher
1919 Ed Freed
1919 Hank LaManna
1930 Frank Ernaga
1930 Bob Speake
1931 Curt Barclay
1934 Angelo Dagres
1937 Pat Gillick
1939 Carl Yastrzemski
1943 Jose Arcia
1946 Gary Boyd
1947 Bill Burbach
1949 Doug Bair
1950 Ray Burris
1951 Ike Hampton
1951 John Doherty
1952 Gary Beare
1956 Paul Molitor
1956 Mark Gilbert
1963 Darrin Jackson
1965 Milt Hill
1966 Scott Chiamparino
1968 Gary Scott
1969 Hipolito Pichardo
1971 Carl Schutz
1972 Steve Kline
1973 Dusty Wathan
1976 Jeff Weaver
1976 Randy Wolf
1984 David Huff
1985 Ryan Feierabend
1985 Sandy Rosario
1990 Drew Hutchison
1990 Alan Busenitz
1990 Chris Stratton
1990 Ryan Carpenter
1991 Hunter Dozier
1993 Braden Bishop
1995 Shed Long


1897 Tricky Nichols
1901 Pete Sweeney
1904 Charlie Dewald
1909 Harry Lochhead
1923 Jay Budd
1927 Mike Shea
1937 John Galligan
1949 Chief Zimmer
1953 Jim Tabor
1958 Dummy Taylor
1960 Chet Carmichael
1968 Heinie Groh
1973 George Cutshaw
1982 Ebba St. Claire
1986 Charlie Eckert
1988 Bob Daughters
2000 Bill Bradford
2004 Jim Nelson
2016 Charlie Sands


1892 Ben Sanders throws a no-hitter for Louisville.

1912 In the second game of a doubleheader, Honus Wagner hits for the cycle.

1965 At the plate, batter Juan Marichal’s response to a close return throw from a catcher to the pitcher is to wallop Johnny Roseboro with his bat, twice, igniting one heck of a brawl.

1968 Continuing with the brawl theme – Tiger Dick McAuliffe charged the mound and landed on Sox pitcher Tommy John, separating his shoulder and ending his season.

1989 Nolan Ryan strikes out Rickey Henderson to record his 5000th career strikeout.

Meanwhile, Felix Fermin is the first player in nearly 70 years to have four sacrifices in the same game.


1890 Philadelphia sent Eddie Burke, Bill Day and cash to Pittsburgh for Billy Sunday.

1915 Boston signs Fred Snodgrass

1933 Brooklyn purchases Dutch Leonard from York in the NY-PENN League.

1949 The Yankees buy Johnny Mize from the Giants for $40,000. The Giants had a fire sale because Mize wanted to play more.

1960 Chicago signs amateur free agent outfielder Lou Brock.

1973 Cleveland signs amateur free agent infielder Alfredo Griffin.

1974 St. Louis signs amateur free agent infielder Tommy Herr.

1986 Boston sends cash and four players to be named later to Seattle to acquire Dave Henderson and Spike Owen.

2002 A three team trade… Oakland sends Franklyn German and Carlos Pena and a player to be named later (Jeremy Bonderman) to the Tigers, the Yankees sent Jason Arnold, John-Ford Griffin and Ted Lilly to Oakland, Detroit sent Jeff Weaver to the Yankees, and Detroit sent cash to the As.

2010 A day that miffed us all in South Florida – the Giants selected Cody Ross from the Marlins off the waiver wire – and we got NOTHING for it.

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