More Articles About Walt “Moose” Moryn

Since it was his birthday yesterday I dug around looking for other old articles about Moose Moryn and stumbled on his obituary in the Chicago Tribune, as well as a story about Dale Long and the Moose taking on three goobers on their way back to a hotel in Cincinnati.  Enjoy!

Walter J. “Moose” Moryn, Chicago Tribune, 23 July 1996, Section 2, Page 9.

Walter J. “Moose” Moryn, 70, of Carol Stream, who was a Chicago Cubs outfielder from 1956 to 1960 and a member of the National League All-Star team in 1958, died Sunday in Central DuPage Hospital in Winfield. While playing left field for the Cubs on April 16, 1960, Mr. Moryn ruined the no-hit bid of San Francisco Giants pitcher Sam Jones by hitting a home run, and on May 15 of that year, he saved a no-hitter for Cubs pitcher Don Cardwell with a final-out shoestring catch. During World War II, Mr. Moryn served on an ammunition ship and was playing in an industrial league when he was recruited in 1948 by the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was traded to the Cubs in 1956. Mr. Moryn had major league career batting average of .266 and hit 101 home runs. After his career with the Cubs, he also played for the St. Louis Cardinals and Pittsburgh Pirates. He subsequently managed a tavern in Cicero and worked as a sporting goods manager for a department store. Survivors include his wife, Carolyn; two daughters, Michelle and Kelly; a sister; and a granddaughter…

“Rowdy-Dow! Cubs Can Really Hit”, Chicago Tribune, 01 May 1959, Section 6, Page 1.

Cincinnati, April 30 — Three young hoodlums learned early Thursday morning that the Chicago Cubs can hit.

Dale Long and Walt Moryn put to rout the attackers, who leaped from an automobile from a restaurant after Wednesday night’s game. The box score:

Long scored a one-punch knockout with a right hand and tossed his victim back into the car.

Moryn wrestled one into submission.

The third fled.

The incident was not disclosed until the Cubs came to Crosley Park for Thursday night’s game.

“The car passed us, then backed up with a roar,” Long recounted. “The three fellows jumped out and one of them hit the Moose. I took on the next one.”

“The guy hit me on the neck with a sneak punch,” said Moose. Moryn had his assaillant by the throat, according to Long.

Cab drivers in front of the hotel told Cincinnati police the trio had been racing around the downtown section, cursing people, running lights and looking for trouble.

“I didn’t want to make a big case of it,” said Long. “Police accepted the cab driver’s story of the incident and never even asked our names.”


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