Baseball History for February 6th


1856 Bobby Mitchell
1866 Bob Gamble
1867 Mike Morrison
1869 George Darby
1873 Charles Snyder
1876 Andy Sommerville
1879 John Andrew “Rube” Ward
1880 Frank LaPorte
1887 John Potts
1889 Alexander Cummings “Red” Downey
1894 Pelham Ballenger
1894 Joseph Aloysius “Goldie” Rapp, Jr.
1895 George Herman “Babe” Ruth
1899 Walt Huntzinger
1901 Glenn Wright
1905 Eddie Hunter
1913 Ken Weafer
1916 Don Fisher
1918 Ernie Kish
1926 Sam Calderone
1926 Dale Long
1927 Forrest Harrill “Smoky” Burgess
1928 Charlie Gorin
1932 Bill Koski
1948 Doug Howard
1949 Richie Zisk
1958 Bill Dawley
1969 Bob Wickman
1970 Mark Hutton
1975 Chad Allen
1977 Peter Zoccolillo
1978 Adam Shabala
1978 Steve Andrade
1986 Kanekoa Texeira
1987 Travis Wood
1987 Pedro Alvarez
1989 Donald Lutz
1989 Matt Duffy
1991 Luke Maile


1881 Ham Allen
1891 Tom Healey
1903 Hardie Henderson
1905 Ned Cuthbert
1920 Jack Lapp
1922 Frank Barrows
1932 Lyman Drake
1946 Charlie Knepper
1950 Art Fletcher
1951 Gabby Street
1952 Del Paddock
1953 Tex Pruiett
1955 Hank Thormahlen
1960 Noodles Hahn
1970 Dick Mauney
1972 Frankie Zak
1974 Benny Meyer
1978 Roy Grover
1978 Babe Ganzel
1979 Bill Schindler
1981 Cactus Keck
1983 Mal Moss
1991 Alex McColl
1994 Ross Grimsley
1994 Bill Chamberlain
1994 Frank Whitman
1995 Elmer Burkart
1996 Bob Muncrief
1997 Amby Murray
2007 Lew Burdette
2014 Ralph Kiner


1921 The Yankees buy a plot of land owned by the William Astor estate that will be the site of Yankee Stadium.


1912 The White Sox buy Jack Fournier from the Red Sox.

1934 Cincinnati picks up former Cardinal Dazzy Vance off the waiver wire.

1940 Brooklyn purchases Herman Franks from the Cardinals.

1998 New York gets Al Leiter and Ralph Milliard from the Marlins for A.J. Burnett, Jesus Sanches, and Rob Stratton.

On the other side of town, the Yankees get Chuck Knoblauch from the Twins for Eric Milton, Danny Mota, Cristian Guzman, Brian Buchanan, and cash.

2012 Baltimore sends Jermey Guthrie to the Rockies for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom.



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