Happy Birthday, George “Live Oak” Taylor!

“There probably was no baseball player better known in California than Edward Taylor, better known as ‘Live’ Taylor, who played left field for the Pioneers last season. For some months past Taylor has been suffering from lung complaint, and a few weeks ago he went to the springs. Yesterday he returned home in a dying condition, and a short time after died at his residence in San Francisco. He was a player who enjoyed a good reputation as well as a good record, and in his decease the Pioneers have lost a valuable player and an agreeable comrade. Taylor leaves a wife and a son 7 years of age.”

“Death of a Noted Player”, Oakland Tribune, 20 February 1888, Page 7.

Taylor was born in Belfast, Maine on 03 February 1851 and his family moved to San Francisco in his youth (gold rush family?). His Wikipedia page says he joined the 1869 Cincinnati Red Legs squad for part of their west coast tour, and he got in a little time with various major league clubs. In 1877, he played for Hartford in just two games. In 1879, he was an outfielder with Troy in the National League, and he got 41 games with Pittsburgh in the American Association. He never really panned out as a hitter, but must have been a pretty good athlete and he played a lot of ball on the west coast. His story wasn’t exciting enough for him to be included in the Major League Profiles biographies of players who played prior to the American League.

Taylor is listed as a blacksmith in the 1870 US Census, still living at home with his father George Edward, a ship caulker, his mother,Julia, and siblings Sanford, Mary, Frank, and Richard.

(As you can imagine, searching for the words “george”, “edward”, “live”, and “taylor” brings back a TON of search results, which is a bear to navigate through.)

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