Baseball History for June 22nd

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1860 Tom O’Brien
1877 Gus Thompson
1879 Jack Zalusky

Minor league nomad who very nearly made the Chicago Remnants in 1902 and got a seven game trial with the New York Highlanders in 1903.

1883 Ed Donalds
1884 Roy Hitt
1884 Charlie Roy
1887 Red Fisher
1888 Bert Whaling
1888 Dick Kauffman
1893 Larry Pezold
1897 Bill Mizeur
1899 Leo Moon
1900 Joe Poetz
1903 Carl Hubbell
1907 George Puccinelli
1908 Harry Rosenberg
1914 Jim Asbell
1914 Maury Newlin
1920 Walt Masterson
1931 Faye Throneberry
1934 Russ Snyder
1936 Jim Bronstad
1937 Jake Wood
1937 Jim O’Rourke
1942 Roy Heiser
1949 Dave Tomlin
1949 Ron Hodges
1951 Mike Anderson
1952 Randy Scarbery
1953 Roy Thomas
1960 Greg Booker
1962 Bryan Price
1964 Jim Hunter
1966 Jorge Brito
1971 Brian Sackinsky
1971 Brant Brown
1972 Miguel Del Toro
1975 Esteban Yan
1975 Kenshin Kawakami
1978 Willie Harris
1978 Anthony Ferrari
1979 Brad Hawpe
1980 Luis Maza
1982 Jason Motte
1982 Ian Kinsler
1984 Cesar Ramos
1990 Darrell Ceciliani


1903 Fatty Briody
1908 Everett Mills
1910 Tom Doran
1919 Joe Woerlin
1926 Joe Crotty
1930 Bill Dam
1953 Charlie Hemphill
1955 Frankie Hayes
1956 Ed Forsyth
1959 Hal Bubser
1988 Hank Edwards
1991 Marv Owen
1993 Bubba Phillips
2002 Darryl Kile

What I remember about this was that Joe Girardi made the announcement to the crowd that the game would be canceled.

2002 Ron Kline
2003 Harry Kinzy
2006 Paul Campbell


1891 Tom Lovett tosses a no-hitter for Brooklyn to beat the Giants, 4 – 0. Lovett fanned eight and walked three. It was the first Bridegroom no-hitter since Brooklyn joined the NL.

Lovett’s career is all over the map – never seemed to stay in one place very long. Will send along a summary of his career another day, though.

1925 St. Louis pitcher Johnny Stuart has one of the worst pitching lines ever – 16 hits 16 runs (12 earned) in 8.1 innings of relief. He didn’t take the loss – Flint Rhem was lifted with two outs in the first inning having already allowed eight runs to the Pirates. Only four pitchers ever allowed more runs in a single outing.

1947 Ewell Blackwell, who had thrown a no-hitter on June 18th, loses a second no-hitter in the ninth – Dodger Eddie Stanky broke the streak. It’s the closest anyone has come to duplicating Johnny Vander Meer’s two straight no-hitters.

1993 Carlton Fisk’s last game allows him to pass Bob Boone for the most games caught in a career.


1901 Philadelphia releases Jimmy Slagle.

Slagle was struggling in Philadelphia – but he figured things out in Chicago where he was a member of the great Cub teams of last century’s first decade…

1926 St. Louis selects Pete Alexander off of waivers – lifting him from the Cubs.

1966 Trying to exact revenge some 40 years later, the Cubs purchased Curt Simmons from the Cardinals…

1985 Toronto sends Mitch Webster to the Expos for a player to be named later (Cliff Young).

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