Baseball History for June 3rd

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1863 Woody Wagenhorst
1867 Wild Bill Widner
1875 John Dobbs
1882 Charlie Hanford
1888 Jesse Baker
1890 Tom Wilson
1890 John Taff
1891 Bill McTigue
1892 Howard Lohr
1895 Johnny Bassler
1899 Urbane Pickering
1900 Harry Baldwin
1903 Chappie Geygan
1913 Jim Sheehan
1916 Max Wilson
1924 George Armstrong
1928 Dick Young
1934 Jim Gentile
1942 Duane Josephson
1943 Ron Keller
1950 Jim Dwyer
1953 Ed Glynn
1955 Jim Gaudet
1956 Julio Valdez
1960 Barry Lyons
1960 Steve Lyons
1961 Jose Tolentino
1964 Nelson Liriano
1971 Izzy Molina
1971 Carl Everett
1971 Aaron Ledesma
1972 Bryan Rekar
1973 Robert Machado
1975 Jose Molina
1977 Travis Hafner
1978 Steve Smyth
1981 Rich Rundles
1981 Munenori Kawasaki
1985 Lucas Harrell
1986 Zach Lutz
1989 Nefi Ogando
1991 Yordano Ventura


1902 Henry Moore
1904 Bill Pfann
1911 Dad Clarke
1923 Harry Billiard
1930 George Hemming
1936 Billy Shindle
1940 Billy Kelly
1941 Andy Cooper
1954 Zaza Harvey
1956 Roxy Walters
1960 Ed Kippert
1969 Cobe Jones
1970 Jakie May
1971 Vern Spencer
1973 Jack Mills
1976 Dwight Stone
1976 Paul Chervinko
1977 Bob Glenn
1978 Marv Rickert
1997 Pidge Browne
2004 Joe Cleary


1888 The San Francisco Examiner publishes the poem Casey at the Bat by Ernest L. Thayer, but under the pen name of Phin – he was unsure of his prose. Because of that, many others claimed to have been the author.

1918 Boston’s Dutch Leonard throws his second no-hitter, a 5 – 0 win over the Tigers.

1932 Lou Gehrig is the second player to hit four homers in a game – a fifth was taken away by a fine leaping catch by Al Simmons, as the Yankees top Philadelphia, 20 – 13.

In the same game, Tony Lazzeri hits for the cycle in order – finishing with a grand slam. (He had five hits in the game.) Both Lazzeri and Gehrig had six RBI.

1971 Cub Ken Holtzman fires his second no-hitter, besting the Reds, 1 – 0. Holtzman fanned six, but walked four. Holtzman also scored the lone run.

2017 Edinson Volquez throws a no-hitter to top the Diamondbacks, 3 – 0. He nearly didn’t finish the game when the first batter of the night, Rey Fuentes, rolled over Volquez at first base in a rough collision.


1902 Cleveland purchased Charlie “Piano Legs” Hickman from Boston.

1913 New York purchased Eddie Grant from the Cincinnati Reds.

1952 Boston sent Walt Dropo, Johnny Pesky, Fred Hatfield, Don Lenhardt, and Bill Wight to the Tigers for George Kell, Dizzy Trout, Hoot Evers, and Johnny Lipon.

1953 St. Louis signs bonus baby Dick Schofield.

1958 San Francisco signs amateur pitcher Gaylord Perry.

1975 Draft Day!!! Danny Goodwin is taken first by the Angels. Other first round picks? Rick Cerone (7, Indians), Clint Hurdle (9, Royals) and Dale Berra (20, Pirates). Lee Smith went in the second (Cubs), Carney Lansford in the third (Angels), Lou Whitaker in the fifth (Tigers), Andre Dawson in the eleventh, and Dave Stewart in the 16th…

1980 Draft Day!!! Darryl Strawberry was #1 (Mets), with a slew of okay players to follow… Danny Tartabull was a third rounder (Reds), Dennis (Oil Can) Boyd and Jim Eisenreich were taken in the 16th round, and Darren Daulton was taken in the 25th round.

1985 Draft Day!!! B. J. Surhoff went #1 to the Brewers, followed by a LOT of talent, including: Will Clark (2, Giants), Barry Larkin (4, Reds), Barry Bonds (6, Pirates), Walt Weiss (11, As), Brian McRae (17, Royals), Gregg Jeffries (20, Mets), and Rafael Palmeiro (22, Cubs). Later picks included Randy Johnson (Expos) in the 2nd, David Justice (Braves) in the fourth, Randy Velarde (19th, White Sox), John Smoltz (22nd, Tigers), Mark Grace (24, Cubs) and one who didn’t sign – Bo Jackson (20th, Angels).

1991 Draft Day!!! Mike Kelly was first (Braves)… Other first rounders of note: Manny Ramirez (13, Indians), Cliff Floyd (14, Expos), Shawn Green (16, Blue Jays)… Todd Hollandsworth went in the third to the Dodgers, LaTroy Hawkins went to the Twins in the 7th round, Derek Lowe in the 8th (Mariners), Mike Sweeney in the 10th (Royals) and Mark Grudzielanek (Expos) in the eleventh.

1993 Draft Day!!! Alex Rodriguez to the Mariners at #1, and a guy I watched in college, Darren Dreifort to the Dodgers at #2. Others near the top? Billy Wagner (11, Astros), Derrek Lee (14, Padres), Torii Hunter (20, Twins)… Later picks included Kevin Millwood (11th, Braves), Bill Mueller (15th, Giants), Jermaine Dye (17th, Braves) and John Rocker (18th, Braves).

1997 Draft Day!!! The Tigers led off with Matt Anderson because J.D. Drew wasn’t signable (#2 to the Phillies) – earning him few early fans. Other early picks – Vernon Wells (5, Blue Jays), Lance Berkman (16, Astros), Jayson Werth (22, Orioles)… Later picks included Chone Figggins (Rockies, 4th round), Tim Hudson (6th, As), and David Eckstein (19th, Red Sox).

2003 Draft Day!!! Delmon Young was the top pick for Tampa. Other early picks included Nick Markakis (7, Orioles), David Aardsma (22, Giants), and Chad Billingsley (24, Dodgers). Later picks inlcuded Andre Either (2nd, As), Michael Bourn (4th, Phillies), Matt Kemp (6th, Dodgers), Tyler Clippard (9th, Yankees)…

2009 Pittsburgh traded Nate McLouth to the Braves for Jeff Locke, Charlie Morton, and Gorkys Hernandez.

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