Baseball History for April 30th

<— APRIL 29     MAY 1 —>


1849 Dave Eggler
1852 Charley Jones
1865 John Cahill
1872 Shorty Gallagher
1874 Seth Sigsby
1879 Bob Edmondson
1887 Ed Forsyth
1887 Babe Danzig
1888 Paul Wachtel
1891 Tony Brottem
1897 Walt Walsh
1902 Bill Deitrick
1904 Neal Baker
1904 Tony Murray
1907 Jumbo Brown
1912 Chet Laabs
1934 Ken Retzer
1939 Bob Hendley
1945 Ray Miller
1947 Jim Clark
1948 Mike Barlow
1949 Phil Garner
1954 Joe Strain
1960 Randy Kutcher
1961 Tony Mack
1964 Jeff Reboulet
1971 Ryan Hawblitzel
1980 Mark Saccomanno
1988 Ryan O’Rourke
1988 Jesus Sucre
1989 Phil Klein
1994 Jose Peraza
1995 Jesus Tinoco
1996 Michael Kopech
1996 Zac Lowther


1901 Dude Esterbrook
1929 Dan Long
1938 Sun Daly
1940 Patsy Dougherty
1950 Tom Niland
1952 Frank Madden
1960 Herman Pillette
1962 Russ Miller
1962 Al Demaree
1969 Colonel Snover
1970 Dan Jessee
1970 Chick Gagnon
1971 Slim Harrell
1977 Elam Vangilder
1979 Wally Kopf
1982 Leo Dickerman
1986 Bill Higdon
2001 Frank Stewart
2006 Dave Bartosch
2011 Mike Krsnich
2018 Frank Ernaga


1919 Burleigh Grimes (Brooklyn) and Joe Oeschger (Philadelphia) go 20 innings in a game that ends in a 9 – 9 tie. Oeschger would join Brooklyn the following season and throw 26 innings in a 1 – 1 tie.

1922 Charlie Robertson throws a perfect game in just his fourth career start to beat the Tigers.

I wrote about it here.

1940 James “Tex” Carleton fires a no-hitter to beat the Reds, 3 – 0.

1944 Phil Weintraub has 11 RBIs and Mel Ott scores six runs in a 26 – 8 pounding of the Dodgers. Weintraub went 4 for 5 with two doubles, a triple, and a homer. Oddly, he was the third player to get at least 11 RBIs in a game – and no player had yet had a 10 RBI game.

For Ott, this was the second time he scored six runs in a game (he did it first in 1934) and got on base seven times (two hits, five walks).

1946 Bob Feller throws his second career no-hitter, a 1 – 0 win over the Yankees.

1961 Willie Mays slams four homers to help beat the Braves.

1969 Jim Maloney blanks the Astros, the third no-hitter in his career.


1923 New York signs Columbia University slugger Lou Gehrig.

1951 Three Team Deal… The White Sox send Dave Philley and Gus Zernial to the Athletics. Philadelphia sends Paul Lehner to the White Sox and Lou Brissie to the Indians. The Indians sent Sam Zoldak and Ray Murray to the Athletics and Minnie Minoso to the White Sox.

1974 Kansas City sends Paul Schaal to the Angels for Richie Schienblum.

1989 The Yankees send Al Leiter to the Blue Jays for Jesse Barfield.

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