Baseball History for April 28th

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1861 Alex Gardner
1870 Bill Hawke
1875 Walt Woods
1883 Harry Gaspar
1884 Walt Thomas
1886 Charles Conway
1890 Frank Scanlan
1899 Frank Warfield
1902 Red Lucas
1903 Fred Schemanske
1909 Frank Ray
1916 Mike Chartak
1918 Charlie Metro
1920 Red Treadway
1925 Cuddles Marshall
1928 Rinty Monahan
1930 Tom Sturdivant
1934 Jackie Brandt
1935 Pedro Ramos
1935 Bob Botz
1947 Lute Barnes
1948 Pablo Torrealba
1950 Jorge Roque
1955 Dewey Robinson
1960 Tom Browning
1960 John Cerutti
1962 Russ Morman
1962 Luis Quinones
1964 Barry Larkin
1964 Eric Nolte
1966 Jim Poole
1969 Jimmy Myers
1970 Bill Hurst
1975 Jordan Zimmerman
1978 Jorge Sosa
1979 Sean Douglass
1981 Chad Santos
1981 Shawn Hill
1981 Yoslan Herrera
1982 Jim Miller
1983 David Freese
1984 Romulo Sanchez
1984 Pedro Lopez
1985 John Gaub
1986 Dillon Gee
1986 Daniel Moskos
1993 Matt Chapman
1994 Matt Beaty
1994 Thomas Pannone
1994 Ben Braymer
1995 Brett Martin
1997 Shane McClanahan
2000 Alex Thomas
2001 Anthony Volpe


1900 Walter Plock

Crane accident – read his bio for more details…

1904 Marvin Hawley

Hawley was short of 29 when he died of rheumatism.

1912 Josh Bunce

A member of the Hartford of Brooklyn nine for a single game in 1877, he was pressed into duty when three players were either sick or injured.  Most of the team knew Bunce though –  he was among the early Brooklyn baseball players having gained local fame running the Nassau Club there.

“Joshua Bunce, in his time one of the most popular baseball players of old Brooklyn, died on Sunday at his residence, No, 1230 Bedford avenue. He had been suffering for some time with a complication of ailments and his death was due to valvular heart disease. He was found in his bed dead and he probably passed away in his sleep. He was the son of Joshua and Eliza Bunce, and he was born in lower Brooklyn, May 10, 1847. His father was a hotel keeper in old Brooklyn. In his younger days he was employed by the Union Ferry Company and was a member of the old Brooklyn Volunteer Fire Department. During the last years of his life he had been employed in the stereotyping department of the New York ‘American.’

“‘Josh’ Bunce never married. He was a man of few words, and it is characteristic of him that a member of his family by marriage did not know until after his death that he had ever played baseball. He was captain of the Nassau Club, which was the holder of the first amateur championship played on the Parade Grounds of Prospect Park. He played shortstop and left field, and under his management the Nassau Club gained great local fame…”

“Magnates Now Admit That The Season Starts Too Early,” The Brooklyn Citizen, April 30, 1912: 4.

1919 Bill Ahearn
1922 Barney McFadden
1931 Mike Mattimore
1934 Bobby Rothermel
1935 Dewey McDougal
1940 Henry Cote
1943 Dennis Berran
1949 Clay Touchstone
1955 Felix Chouinard
1961 Curtis Ricks
1961 Tommy Connolly
1969 Joe Burg
1973 Ernie Manning
1977 Al Smith
1978 Art Doll
1980 Bob Porterfield
1986 Pat Seerey
1995 Gus Polidor
1995 Peaches Davis
1996 Al Hollingsworth
1996 Johnny Bucha
2000 Jack Merson
2004 Floyd Giebell
2005 Pancho Herrera
2006 Steve Howe
2007 Archie Wilson
2016 Joe Durham
2017 Luis Olmo
2019 Barry Latman


1901 Cleveland tops the White Sox, 13 – 1, getting 23 hits. All of them were singles…

1950 Jim Martin, a catcher for the Pampa Oilers, is struck by lightning while behind the plate in Abilene. He not only survives, but catches the next day.

Jim Martin Lightning Hit

“Payte to Face Dukes This Afternoon at Oiler Park”, Pampa (TX) Daily News, 30 April 1950, Page 8.

1960 The Exploding Scoreboard becomes a part of Comiskey Park.

1961 Warren Spahn fired a no-hitter to top the Giants, 1 – 0. He was 40.

1988 The Orioles set a record for losing – 21 straight – in a loss to the Twins. They haven’t won a game yet for the season…


1988 Minnesota releases pitcher Steve Carlton.

1999 Detroit signs amateur free agent infielder Omar Infante.


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