Baseball History on April 9th

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1858 Mike Muldoon
1859 Steve Toole
1870 Ollie Pickering

I came across his name a lot writing about Rube Waddell.  So I finally got around to penning his biography.  Ollie is the reason people call looping flares into the outfield for hits “Texas Leaguers.”

1872 Jim Rogers
1875 Jack Hendricks
1879 Doc White
1879 Happy Townsend
1888 Hippo Vaughn
1888 Joe McDonald
1890 Heinie Jantzen
1890 Joe Willis
1893 Tiny Osborne
1893 Bill Morrell
1901 Vic Sorrell
1904 Fred Frankhouse
1904 Guy Cantrell
1905 Earl Caldwell
1909 Claude Passeau
1915 Steve Shemo
1921 Charlie Mead
1922 Howard Alvin (Dizzy) Sutherland
1936 Hal Jones
1943 Roy Gleason
1945 Jerry Hinsley
1946 Nate Colbert

A guy who hit for tremendous power, but not consistently.  I think of him as a Padre who was in the race for the homer crown with Johnny Bench and Billy Williams in 1972.

1949 Sam Ewing
1952 Ed Plank
1961 Brian Dorsett
1961 Kirk McCaskill
1963 Jose Guzman
1963 Mike Brumley
1964 Blaise Ilsley
1965 Hal Morris
1967 Graeme Lloyd
1975 Talmadge Nunnari
1976 Kyle Peterson
1976 Oscar Robles
1980 Ryan O’Malley
1981 A. J. Ellis
1981 Chris Smith
1981 Dennis Sarfate
1982 Chad Reineke
1984 Adam Loewen
1985 David Robertson
1986 Bryan Petersen
1987 Eric Campbell
1988 Tommy Medica
1988 Simon Castro
1992 Ryan McBroom
1994 Caleb Baragar
1995 Mac Sceroler
1997 Luis Arraez


1874 Charlie Mills
1899 Mike Moynahan
1910 Bob Addy
1915 Rabbit Robinson
1917 Charlie Gould
1918 Ed Wilkinson
1921 Kid Butler
1945 Ted Cather
1950 John McDonald
1956 John Quinn
1961 Lefty York
1965 Phil Ketter
1969 Frank Scanlan
1971 Will Harridge
1971 Mose Eggert
1972 Roy Leslie
1977 Roxie Lawson
1980 Ed Morgan
1982 Francisco Barrios

Heart attack caused by a drug overdose…  He was 28 and had just worked out a deal to come back and pitch for the Brewers.

1982 Hank Hulvey
1983 Jake Freeze
1983 Bill Kennedy
1986 Dick Kokos
1988 Syd Cohen
1989 Otto Huber
1995 Bob Allison
1997 Joe Coleman
1999 Clay Bryant
2001 Willie Stargell

The biggest reason I liked the Pirates despite their always being better than the Cubs when I was a kid.  The Pirates had likeable players – Clemente, Stargell, Sanguillen, Al Oliver and fun names like Dave Giusti and Bob Moose and Richie Hebner.

2003 Ray Murray
2006 Billy Hitchcock
2006 Jimmy Outlaw
2009 Nick Adenhart

Killed by a drunk driver after going out to celebrate his first start of the season.

2010 Bill Moisan
2020 Jim Bolger


1969 Kansas City beats Minnesota in 17 innings – Tom Burgmeier got the win in relief when Lou Piniella singled in Jackie Hernandez for the winning score.  Twins starter Jim Kaat went eleven innings before being lifted for a pinch hitter.

1969 Billy Williams went four for four with four doubles…

1990 Glenn Davis is hit by three pitches in a game…

1996 Detroit tops Seattle, 10-9, scoring ten runs despite getting only four hits.  Of course three of those hits were homers…  Seattle pitchers walked nine batters – the losing pitcher, Paul Menhart faced three batters and walked them all.  He gave way to Bob Wells, who promptly served up a game-winning grand slam to Cecil Fielder.

2021 Joe Musgrove becomes the first San Diego Padres pitcher to throw a nine-inning no-hitter, beating Texas, 3 – 0.  Joey Gallo was hit by a pitch in the fourth inning – the only batter to reach base.


1916 Cleveland trades Sad Sam Jones, Fred Thomas, and $55,000 to Boston for center fielder Tris Speaker.  Jones would go on to win 200+ games, but mostly with everybody else…  Fred Thomas was a speedy infielder but not that much of a prospect.  This was a period of time where Boston sold everybody good that they came up with to someone else.

1930 Boston sends Percy Jones and cash to Pittsburgh for Burleigh Grimes.  Grimes was coming off a 17 – 7 season for the Pirates and would go just 3 – 5 with a 7.35 ERA for the Braves – so they sent him to St. Louis a couple of months later.  Grimes found his stuff and won 13 for the Cards…

1964 St. Louis sends Jimmie Coker and Gary Kolb to Milwaukee for catcher Bob Uecker.


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