The End of Maple Bats? Tyler Colvin Hospitalized with Lung Puncture

Tyler Colvin is expected to miss the rest of the season after a large splinter from a shattered maple bat stabbed him in the right half of his chest, just under his shoulder blade.

Wellington Castillo’s maple bat shattered as he hit a double, scoring Colvin who had been on third base at the time.  Colvin scored, but was replaced in the bottom of the inning.  Later, Colvin was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.  The team left for home, but Colvin will stay for observation as air was allowed into the chest cavity and doctors have inserted a tube to help keep his right lung inflated.

Happy Birthday!

Chuck Dressen (1898), manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, among other teams – a baseball lifer.
Zeke Bonura (1908)
Tom Tresh (1937)
Mickey Klutts (1954)
Dave Gallagher (1960)
Jason Bay (1978)
Ian Desmond (1985)

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