Owners, Union Talk Salary – And It’s Not Pleasant…

The Milwaukee Brewers fear that they may not have enough money to give Prince Fielder in working out a contract extension, and owner Mark Attanasio mentioned that his team didn’t have the resources to retain players that, say, the Yankees have.

Immediately, the Yankees responded – this time President Randy Levine calling out the Brewers, telling ESPN that the Yankees play within the rules, spend resources on the players, and that the Brewers have made hundreds of millions in revenue sharing dollars.  More or less, Levine said, the Brewers and other smaller market clubs should stop their whining…   [ESPN/FanHouse/AP]

Meanwhile, the Major League Baseball Players Association is considering filing a collusion charge against owners suggesting that they have worked together to lower the salaries paid to free agents in the last two seasons.   Agents have even claimed that they would receive the same offers for a player from a number of teams, suggesting that teams were working together to lower salaries.  [SI]

Other Odds and Ends:

After losing 16 – 5 thanks to a lousy start from Carlos Zambrano, I found it rather odd that a headline in MLB’s news section had the Cubs pitchers learning a lot from Greg Maddux…  [MLB]

Hurry Back!

I noted that Huston Street started the season on the DL…  Well, the Rockies closer had his shoulder checked out by Dr. James Andrews and things look okay.  So, Street will start strengthening drills before a throwing program and hopes to return some time in May.  [SI]

Happy Birthday!

1873 – John McGraw
1884 – Jake Daubert
1918 – Bobby Doerr
1944 – Bill Stoneman
1969 – Ricky Bones
1973 – Brett Tomko – Doesn’t have a gig yet, but SOMEONE might give him one last shot after six solid starts for Oakland in 2009…
1975 – Ron Belliard
1979 – Adrian Beltre – who faces the Yankees tonight.  I’m betting on two hits and maybe a homer.

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