My Pick: Yankees, no wait, Phillies in Seven!

I was trying to look at this logically, and the problem is that logic often has nothing to do with a World Series.


I like the Yankees here, mostly because I like A-ROD over Pedro Feliz.  Otherwise, the rest of the infield is pretty much a wash – other than giving Derek Jeter an edge over Jimmy Rollins because Jeter has been more consistent this year.  Rollins can carry a team in a short series, so if he plays well, it could be a problem for the Yankees.


I like the Phillies here.  The Yankees don’t have anywhere near the talent of Werth, Victorino, and Ibanez – even if Raul is struggling with a torn abdominal muscle.


Ruiz has better tools, Posada the better bat.  Has Posada aged at all in the last five years?  Remarkable.


Lee/Sabathia is a wash.  Hamels/Burnett is a wash.  So that leaves Pettitte against either Pedro or Blanton.  Pettitte has intangibles, but really isn’t appreciably better than either of the other two.  Fourth starters usually don’t matter.  Slight edge to the Yankees.


Yankees here because of Mariano Rivera.  We’ll be seeing his Topps baseball card for the next decade – don’t you think?


As much as I generally am a Joe Girardi fan, I’ll take Charlie Manual for not overmanaging things.  Besides, Girardi needs to win to keep his job – so he’s under more duress.


The Yankee mystique vs. the Phillies being a defending champion.  The Yankees cruised over a very tough AL East division.  However, the Phillies aren’t chopped liver here.  They are something like 19 – 4 in the playoffs over the last two seasons – an amazing number.

So, while I generally think that the Yankees are the best team that money can buy and won’t be surprised if they win the World Series, I’m not going to play that hunch.

I’ll take the Phillies in seven games.

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