The Kinds of Baseball Research I Want to Do…

Is Shoeless Joe innocent?  Here’s a claim that Isaac Asimov’s Eight Men Out, considered among the greatest baseball books and movies of all time, is a figment of Asimov’s imagination and not based on fact.

Here’s a fantastic article by Tom Ruane that suggests that the greatest hitting team of all time is whomever was facing the pitching staff of the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies.  The numbers present an impressive argument, for sure.

So, now that now has detailed boxscores of all games from the 1930 season (pretty much every year from 1952 forward, and many, many other seasons), it seems like an interesting project for me might be to see how much fielding may have contributed to the awful pitching.  I have some cool formulas and tools to check this out – so it’s a matter of putting the data into my system and seeing what comes of it.  I’ll get started on it today.

Once the season is complete, I see MightyCaseyBaseball spending more time on research projects and less time on news summaries, but you never know.  If you are a reader, let me know what interests you so I can not only learn for myself, but write about things that interest you all, too.

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