Update the Fantasy Rosters – Injuries shelve Soriano and Sizemore

Cubs manager Lou Piniella appreciated his willingness to play through the pain, but now Alfonso Soriano is being shut down indefinitely.  Soriano will work with trainers, hoping to avoid injury.

Meanwhile, Grady Sizemore’s pain-filled season also comes to a close, as he will have two surgeries.  The first will repair an injured elbow and the second will repair a tear in his abdomen/groin (for some friends, they will remember this as a “Boot Hill” reference).

Seattle’s Ken Griffey will rest his left knee, tendinitis the latest source of pain.  An MRI was normal, but the pain persists.  [MLB]

Washington pulled Jesus Flores off the DL mostly to have his bat on the bench, as he’s still not able to throw and therefore can’t catch.  [MLB]

There was another Cub out of the lineup, and that was Derrek Lee, who left the team for the birth of his second child.  Christina is okay, but at press, there was no information about the baby…  [MLB]

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