Wright and Kuroda out of Hospital; Wright Gets DL Stint

David Wright was released from the hospital after CT scans cleared the Mets third baseman.  However, he was struggling with headaches and post-concussion symptoms, so the Mets placed Wright on the 15-day DL.  [ESPN]

Saying he was lucky to be alive, Dodger starter Hiroki Kuroda was also released from the hospital following his own concussion injury.  Kuroda was struck by a line drive in the head two nights ago and was cleared after a CT scan revealed no damage.  [ESPN]

Yankee DH Hideki Matsui had his knee drained, missing Sundays’s game and likely Monday’s game as well.  While he’s resting, Matsui will have his knee evaluated to see if he can continue playing soon.  [ESPN]

Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano gets a rehab start in Peoria, and you know what they say about that city…  If it plays in Peoria, it’ll play anywhere…  Zambrano’s back feels better, and he’s aiming to return to face a hot Washington Nationals team later this month.  [ESPN]

Someone who still wants to play is John Smoltz, who should learn is fate today – the final day before Boston has to trade or release him…  [SI]

Derek Jeter is piling on accomplishments and records.  Yesterday’s two hits means that nobody has more hits as a shortstop than the Yankee Captain, passing Luis Aparacio on the list with 2674. [FoxSports]

Texas President Nolan Ryan isn’t the only one trying to bring back the complete game and kill the 100 pitch limit for young pitchers.  Tom Seaver thinks that placing limits on pitchers means that they’ll never find out their full potential, and that teams gain benefits from a complete game pitching performance.  [MLB]

Welcome Back! Andy Green, one time Arizona Diamondback, returns to the majors to fill David Wright’s roster spot on the Mets.  Green is well traveled, including a season with Nippon in Japan.

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