Trade Analysis: Nationals Send Joe Beimel to Rockies for Projects

The Rockies, with a bullpen thinned by injuries to Manny Corpas and Allan Embree, acquired lefty Joe Beimel from the Nationals for a couple of prospects with big arms in the Rockies system.

Colorado Gets:  A lefty with a few good seasons of success.  Beimel originally came through the Pirates chain and was a swing man, occasionally starting but usually working out of the pen.  The last three or four years, however, he pitched well for the Dodgers, Marlins and Nationals.  If he can keep his strikes down in the zone, he’ll survive the next two months and be a useful arm in the pen.

Washington Gets:  Ryan Mattheus, a very hard thrower who has shifted from starting to relieving and found success in the pen.  He looked very hittable a couple of years ago, but he’s been getting outs with a hard (mid-90s) fastball.  He could be a surprise helper a year or two from now in the Nationals pen.  Robinson Fabian is another hard thrower, but his stats look like Glendon Rusch – doesn’t walk people but sure does get hit around too often.  He’s organizational depth, I guess.

Winner?  Nobody.  Joe Beimel may not like throwing in Colorado, but if he has a few decent outings would make this a win for the Rockies.  I don’t see Fabian as capable of getting a Topps baseball card, and Mattheus has only recently started looking like he could help.  Beimel will be a better reliever than Mattheus, will have a longer career.  Even if he stinks in Colorado, Beimel will get a job next year with somebody.  Mattheus has to step up quickly.  I don’t know why Washington would make this deal.

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