Trade Analysis: Boston Sends LaRoche to Atlanta for Casey Kotchman

Boston just got Adam LaRoche, but with Victor Martinez added, LaRoche was expendable.  What Boston wanted – with Mark Kotsay gone – was someone who could cover first late in the game when Kevin Youkilis was playing third base.  What Atlanta wanted was – well, I’m not sure what they wanted, but I think it starts with getting a bit more offense from the first base position than what Casey Kotchman provides.

Not much to analyze – Kotchman will get to hang out with stars while likely seeing his days as a starter ending.  He’s the new Doug Mientkewicz.  LaRoche actually gets playing time, and that should be nice for him.  He does have defensive issues which means that he might really not be that much more productive than Kotchman when you net offense and defense, but the Braves could use another bat in the lineup to keep up with Philadelphia.  Winner?  Boston by subtraction.  Actually, the winner is probably LaRoche who gets another chance at four ABs a game.

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