Trade Takes and Other Baseball News You Can Use!

The top stories yesterday were all trades – which Mighty Casey Baseball detailed in a previous post…  So, if you didn’t catch them you can scroll down the page or just click here:

Cliff Lee to Phillies for Prospects

Jack Wilson and Ian Snell to Mariners for Jeff Clement, Ronny Cedeno and Prospects

Freddy Sanchez for Someone the Pirates Will Trade Away in 2012

Other Things You May Have Missed…

The Yankees got a minor league pitcher, Jason Hirsh, from the Rockies for future considerations.  The Yankees are thin at the AAA level owing to injuries and Hirsh has been a major leaguer before.

The Mets might get Carlos Beltran for the stretch run, but it might be too late anyway.

The Royals lost to Baltimore, which isn’t news, but did it without recording a single assist.  Flyouts, strikeouts, and two rollers to first which both went unassisted.  This sort of thing is pretty rare – it hasn’t happened in about six years.

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