David Ortiz? Puhlease… “I’ll find out what happened and tell you.”

This is what happened.  The Red Sox, along with several major league baseball clubs (Texas, Oakland, San Francisco, and anywhere Joe Torre was supposedly managing), were darned near promoting steroid use in a limited and controlled manner so long as it helped players hit a few more homers and fans came to watch the show.

If you don’t believe it, listen to former Sox infielder Lou Merloni.  What beef does he have with the Red Sox?  Merloni, on a Boston sports show, said that Red Sox management was aware that some players were using steroids.

I’m not a fan of the leak of the month club.  There’s a list, and someone at the New York Times has access to either (a) the list itself, or (b) a person who has the list and needs some money from time to time so he pops a new name for a story.  I mean, why else is this leaking like this?

So Big Papi (Big Phony?) says he’s going to find out what he tested positive for, and when he gets this information, he will share it with everyone because, as he says, “You know me – I will not hide and I will not make excuses.”  Except, of course he told everyone that anyone who tests positive now should just be banned for the whole year (see the video).  Apparently he meant anyone who takes steroids NOW – now that testing is in place.  Those who failed in 2003 or 2004 (or earlier), when he was at least 30 and finding a stunning power surge, were apparently not to be included in that list.

There are many of us who were Big Papi fans – me included.  I’m not mad at being duped anymore.  I just think it’s time for a little truth telling – and we may finally be on the verge of getting closer to it.

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