Notes from a Saturday Night in Baseball

Even backup Mets are getting hurt.  Gary Sheffield tweaked a hamstring chasing a Yunel Escobar double a couple days back and heads to the DL.  Did you know that Sheffield leads the Mets in homers?  I know – me neither.  [FoxSports]

More Roy Halliday trade rumors – including the idea that the charging Angels want Halliday, too.  [FoxSports]

And, our friends at FoxSports surmise that the Reds could wind up acquiring Scott Rolen from Toronto – and that Bronson Arroyo or Aaron Harang might be heading to Toronto.  This would be based on Halliday actually leaving Toronto.   Personally, I’m no longer sold on Rolen being a top option at this point in his career owing to a long injury history. [FoxSports]

Quick Angels note:  Maybe I don’t watch enough baseball talk shows, but the Angels are 33 – 13 in their last 46 games.  I want to apologize, in advance, for being so wrong with this prediction.

The first casualty in the Red Sox acquisitions?  Mark Kotsay, who was designated for assignment.  Kotsay isn’t much of an outfielder anymore, is still learning first base, but could be a nice pinch hitter for somebody over the next couple of years.  Kotsay, who is one of the more friendly guys in the majors, could wind up being the next Jay Johnstone if he wants.  He just needs to be funnier.  [SI]

When Roger Maris’s home run mark had an asterisk to it, it was because he hit 61 homers in more games (162) than Babe Ruth hit his 60 (154).  Now, as we approach the Hall of Fame weekend, a few hall of famers talk about putting asterisks on the numbers assembled during the PED era, including Hank Aaron and Ozzie Smith.  [ESPN]

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