Welcome to the Big Leagues: Jarrett Hoffpauir, Jeff Salazar, Drew Sutton

I promised a brief look at three young prospects getting the call to the big leagues in an earlier post…  Enjoy!

Jarrett Hoffpauir (Cards)

Worked his way up the Cards chain with a few seasons over .300.  Looks to be finding his power, not that he’s a true power threat, and he has a litle patience at the plate.  Not much speed, though, and he makes contact (fewer Ks than BBs).  Old school prototypical second baseman in the Ted Sizemore mold.  Not sure if he’s a long term prospect, but he can play some.

Jeff Salazar (Pirates)

Former Rockie, former Diamondback.  Has some skills, but struggled in 100+ at bats last year in Arizona.  Not sure if he’ll start, and if he does, he’s not as good as Nyjer Morgan or even Eric Hinske were (sorry, Buc fans).  If you play in Tuscon, you’re supposed to hit .364 to be a prospect, which he did.  However, in Indianapolis, which doesn’t have the eye popping numbers of the PCL, he’s hitting .265 in AAA.  Does that scream prospect to you?  He can run some, so he’s probably not a bad bench option for that fifth outfielder position.

Drew Sutton (Reds)

Reds are desperate for some infield support and Sutton can help.  Plays second and third, hits for power, runs a little, has some patience at the plate.  Hit .317 with 20 homers and 20 steals at AA Corpus Christi in the Texas League last year, which is his best year in the minors, otherwise he’s been more of a .275 type hitter with some sock. Reminds me of Mark Bellhorn.

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