Baseball History for November 12th

<— NOV 11     NOV 13 —>


1858 Bill Gleason
1861 Pat Dealy
1861 John Humphries
1867 Harry DeMiller
1868 Jack Ryan
1875 Fred Raymer
1876 William Ansil (Solly) Salisbury
1876 Ed Killian
1877 Archibald Wright (Moonlight) Graham
1886 Clyde Goodwin
1888 Elmer Leonard
1888 Frank A. (Red) McDermott
1891 Carl Mays
1900 Herm Merritt
1906 Russell Edison (Red) Evans
1913 Gene Lillard
1914 Emerson Dickman
1922 Billy Reed
1924 Andy Hansen
1926 Don Johnson
1927 Harry Hanebrink
1936 Joe Hoerner
1941 Damaso Blanco
1943 Al Schmelz
1947 Ron Bryant
1950 Bruce Bochte
1956 Jody Davis
1960 Donnie Hill
1961 Greg Gagne
1962 Wilfredo Tejada
1962 Jeff Reed
1964 Dave Otto
1964 Gary Thurman
1967 Donald Harris
1967 Mark Small
1968 Randy Knorr
1968 Sammy Sosa
1972 Homer Bush
1973 J. D. Smart
1978 Aaron Heilman
1983 Charlie Morton
1984 Cesar Jimenez
1987 Mike Leake
1989 Adrian Nieto
1990 Marcell Ozuna
1991 Matt Strahm
1992 Ben Taylor


1903 John Gilbert
1916 Will Foley
1916 Mike Roach
1923 Mark Polhemus
1937 Peek-A-Boo Veach
1938 Andy Harrington
1940 Joe Quinn
1941 Ernie Koob
1955 Sam Crane
1962 Harvey Smith
1963 Ed Connolly
1964 Fred Hutchinson
1965 Dave Gregg
1966 Mike Loan
1967 Cleo Carlyle
1968 Dutch Schirick
1972 Johnny Echols
1978 Buzz Boyle
1978 George Shears
1978 Roy Elsh
1982 Cass Michaels
1985 Augie Walsh
1986 Rocky Stone
1990 Junior Walsh
1993 LeGrant Scott
1993 Bill Dickey


1920 Kenesaw Mountain Landis, a US District Judge, is hired to become the first commissioner of baseball. His first job is to clean up after the 1919 World Series scandal.


1886 In what is considered the first “trade”, the Red Stockings sent Jack Boyle and cash to the Browns for Hugh Nicol.

1910 Philadelphia sends Johnny Bates, Eddie Grant, George McQuillan and Lew Moren to Cincinnati for Fred Beebe, Hans Lobert, Dode Paskert, and Jack Rowan.

1923 The Giants packaged Dave Bancroft, Casey Stengel, and Bill Cunningham to Boston for Joe Oeschger and Bolly Southworth.

1939 Boston purchases Dom DiMaggio from San Fransicso of the PCL.

1987 Chicago sends Richard Dotson and Scott Nielsen to the Yankees for Dan Pasqua, Mark Salas, and Steve Rosenberg.

2015 Atlanta sends Andrelton Simmons and Jose Briceno to the Angels for Erick Aybar, Sean Newcomb, Chris Ellis, and cash.

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