Quick Hits

Will Carroll (Baseball Prospectus) reports that Houston pitcher Mike Hampton may miss his start this weekend because he cut a finger on a soap dispenser. Carroll also says that Yankees catcher Jorge Posada is optimistically thinking he’ll be back in ten days or so.

I mentioned that Lou Piniella wants to move Alfonso Soriano to second base. Apparently, it’s to get Micah Hoffspauer in the lineup. Not sure what Soriano thinks about it, but Hoffspauer can hit. A lot.

Luke Hochevar got the afternoon start against St. Louis today – he didn’t look half bad, really. He has focus issues, and he doesn’t throw REAL hard, but he keeps the ball down. When he fails to throw strikes, he just gets smacked around a bit. I know he’s really nailed it in AAA, winning five of six starts (no losses) and posting an ERA under 1.00 for Omaha. Give him another year and he might be a nice rotation addition, which would give the Royals FOUR solid starters. Oh for a few bats in KC.

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